September 10, 2015

Books to Movie!

OK, this is post dated so the first trailer is going to be waaaaaay out dated, and the second will be too. But hey! That’s the drama with post dating. ^_-

Well this one took me by surprise! I was unaware that the movie rights had even been sold! The trailer for the movie has been out since last week, and I noticed it making all the runs on my fave blogs.

So I’m late. But I’m officially putting my two cents out there. First off I hope this movie elevates what sounds like a really stupid concept to me. Does anyone else thing that the first 4 waves would have wiped out man kind. And The Host anyone? (Which I did enjoy.) The mediocre plot is why I still haven’t cracked open my copy despite raving reviews.

The trailer is cool and I am hoping that Chloë Grace Moretz will get the buzz she needs from this movie.


This is another title that I’ve been hearing soooooo much buzz about in the book sphere. It sounds cool. So when I had heard it was being made into a movie and Matt Damon was the lead, I knew it would be amazing. This trailer confirms that!

OK, there’s the book to movie trailers I’ve found.

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