April 24, 2011

In My Mailbox – Vlog(10)

I get to show of my goodies for the week! With In My Mailbox I also like to tell you where I found them, what kind of deals are up for grabs. Occasionally I'll even try a different method of buying books to see if it's faster and cheaper somewhere else. (This post also follows The Story Sirens' weekly meme, In My Mailbox.) At the moment I'm a poor college student so you might not see this post every Sunday. If it's not there, that means the book gods have frowned upon me.

Amazon: goodreads:
The Gathering (Darkness Rising, Book 1) The Gathering
Poltergeist (Greywalker, Book 2) Poltergeist
Blood Challenge (The World of the Lupi, Book 7) Blood Challenge
Blood Challenge (The World of the Lupi, Book 7) Impetuous
Casey (Buckhorn Brothers, Book 5) Casey
The Charmed Sphere (Misted Cliffs, Book 1) The Charmed Sphere
The Poison Throne (The Moorehawke Trilogy) The Poison Throne
Queen in Exile Queen in Exile


MiaandSofia said...

A great pile of books! They all seem great. I can't wait to read The Gathering :)
Check out what's In My Mailbox

Mia @GrippedintoBooks

Kay (Dead Book Darling) said...

I adored The Gathering - it reminded me of The Summoning in the sense that all the BIG ACTION doesn't happen til the end! Hope you enjoy it!

Also looking forward to reading your review of Poison Throne. I am rather picky when it comes to high fantasy, so it'd be nice to get a second opinion before I buy it.

Happy reading!

Shera (Book Whispers) said...

MiaandSofia: Thanks, I'll definitely swing by and see what goodies you got!

Kay: The Gathering is turning out real good.

Should be reading it soon as it is a library book and I should get it back ASAP! Glad I'm not the only picky EF fan.