January 1, 2014

New Years Resolutions, Bibliophile Style

Well hopefully everyone didn’t party to hard! *giggles* What am I saying! I hope everyone has a last-night-was-so-freaking-awesome hangover. Or if you’re like me, slightly burned eyes from enjoying a long night of watching your favorite movies!

My own personal goals for the new year are already made. So now it’s time for a separate set of goals I always make! Book reading goals!

Since I’ve started blogging and joined the online world of book worms it amazes me that I’m not the only one who does this! So feel free to check out my list! Even better let me know what some of your resolutions are!

2013 Reading Challenge

2013 Reading Challenge
Shera (Book Whispers) has read 91 books toward her goal of 100 books.

1. Year long reading challenge. AKA make more time for reading!

This is referring to the Reading Challenge the Goodreads hosts. The challenge lasts all year

and you pick the number of books that you want to read for the whole year. Before Goodreads I never used to keep track of those kinds of things. I kind of new a general number of books that I’ve read.

Each year I’ve put 100 as my goal. Sadly I never make it. Right now I’m at 91 of 100, the closes I’ve come since Goodreads started these challenges in 2011. The funny thing is I used to make 100 easy back in the day. (Think I made 92 for the year! Yeah!)

It’s true what the adults used to say “Enjoy it while you’re young.” Because carving out a time for reading gets really hard sometimes. Though . . . I have to say sometimes I make for more TV time then reading time. These last few years have been tiring with personal family issues that usually leave me pooped. After a long day TV is easier.

Well no more I’m making more time for reading! In the new year my goal is still 100 and to me right now that seems like a perfect goal.

2. Catch up on series and finish some!

Yeah. Everyone knows I have a continuing/finishing series issue. It doesn’t matter if I thought the last book I read was amazing or average, or what. For some reason I never seem to getHeart of Obsidian through the series or stay caught up.

Last year this was one of my goals, and I actually did pretty good! Even caught up on the Psy/Changeling series. So this year I’m pushing harder and picking some series to do.

Some of the series on my list? Jennifer Estep’s Elemental Assassin series, Rob Thurman’s books, C.E. Murphy’s Walker Papers, and a few other titles.

  1. Maybe my main problem is that I hate seeing the end of a series. Final books always seem to let me down. Or I just never want them to end!

3. Mix up my genres!

Ever since joining the book blogging community and Goodreads—especially my Goodreads friend—I’ve broadened my genre range. It’s safe to say I’ve read books that from 2009 and back I probably would have never read! Thankfully I have because they’re pretty awesome.

So I want to try a few more. Expand out and see what other gems I can find.

4. Post reviews for every book read!

This is something I’ve been working on for a while. Last year I did pretty good I’ve officially typed up a review for every book I read in 2013!  The biggest issue is I write the reviews, but then never seem to post them all!

I’ll admit I have quite the system. There’s a format to how I post them on Book Whispers. Then I post on Goodreads and Amazon, then I save them in my “published review” document.

Though I have to admit I found out a couple of my reviews were plagiarized last year. Not onlyWhat Kills Me that they got more likes and notice by someone who didn’t even write them. It’s sad but this really bummed me out.  Especially since the review is still on Amazon, and they ignore any of my contacting them about it.

5. Participate in more Buddy Reads!

If you’re one Goodreads you’ll not what I’m talking about! The few I’ve participated in are so fun. There’s something about being able to share the experience as you read. My favorite buddy read so far was What Kills Me. Probably because none of us were really expecting much out of the book and it turned out to be a blast.

So there are my five simple improvements! What are some of yours?

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