August 5, 2010

When I'm Not Reading (4) Lotus and Moose

This is a fun little way for Book Bloggers to show what else we do besides live and breath books. Hard to imagine I know. This is hosted by the Unread Reader, just click on the awesome picture to check out and join the meme.

Couldn't get the video of my little chicks to load, so hopefully I'll get that posted next week.

I actually did some fun things this week! I love taking photos so when we went to town I took some snap shots of the Lillies on the pond. The lighting wasn't to great.

I realized that I don't have a single photo of myself posted anywhere, so I'm going to share a snap my mom took of me sitting at the gardens at a local LDS Temple. Do I look how you think I would? ^_-

We went for a lovely drive over in Wyoming, and found some baby moose, with there mom of course. We didn't leave the vehicle for the shots, cause that would just be suicidal, I'm really happy how good my zoom worked.

I couldn't get the mom to pose with her babies, so their cute faces will have to do.

Hope everyone is having a fun week too!!


Missie said...


Those babies are just too cute! Amazing photo! And of course you look great! Very pretty! And the landscape is just lovely!

Thanks so much for participating! You're awesome!

Caitlin said...

That is so cool, I would flip out if I saw moose that close up, but great pictures!

Monica said...

When I read "LDS Temple" I thought it said "LSD Temple" and I was like WHAT THE HECK?! For a few moments I was shocked until I read it again! :P I'm in love with moose and those babies are just too cute! My friend and I attempted to go moose searching in Maine but it didn't work out :( Great pictures!

Shera (Book Whispers) said...

Missie: Well thank you!!

Caitlin: I was flipping when I saw them.

Monica: I know when some first told be about the LDS Temple, I was like, "There's a Temple for LSD here?"

Before we stumbled upon the babies I had just finished saying that you can never know how many moose where out there,and that you'd never get to see them. Then BOOM, moose behold!