August 24, 2010

The Worst Covers of the Romance Genre

Terribly sorry this Books and Babbles post is coming now. I had intended to have this posted Monday, but blogger wouldn't let me post. Then to my complete horror when I went to post the draft, the draft was gone. Maybe that was my calling card for getting posts ready way before I have to publish them. Or blogger was having a good laugh at my expanse.

Any who, after last weeks babble I decided to check out some of those terrible romance covers that I mentioned. Safe to say I found some pretty nasty ones out there. Even after searching in general for the worst covers for books in general, the poor romance genre just couldn't be beat.

When I was searching the web for likely candidates the usual suspects popped up. You know, big men with women who apparently don't know how to fasten their clothing--or keep it on.

The Daring Twin
The Pirate's Jewel
Pirate's Passionate Slave (Heartfire Romance)
These are the kinds of covers that would never have tempted me to even try a book with the words Romance pasted anywhere.

Sadly the Romance genre is plagued by other terrible covers, which I discovered after looking further on a general search for "Terrible Romance Cover."

Moment of Truth
First up is Moment of Truth, this is part of the Silhouette Intimate Moments collection. At first glance this cover looks fine right? Think again, look were that chicks hand is!! Personally I don't want to read a romance cover that tells everyone that hey, this is one of those books. Secondly he looks like he's so, unappreciative. Maybe the moment of truth is that he's not in to her, or maybe she just found out there's nothing there . . .

Fangs For The Memories (Young Brothers, #1)
This is not what Fangs for the Memories brings to mind. That thing in the middle, is a ducks foot? The most likely thing is a very abstract wine glass. Then again I might be stretching it.

Celtic Fire (Druids of Avalon, #1)
For this one I'd suggest looking at it in goodreads for the bigger picture, for the full effect. Save a horse, ride a Celt!

Dad Interrupted: A Novel
There are no words. All I want to know is what the crap is going on with thier heads.

This is one of those WTF moments. Every time I look at it I find something more displeasurable about it then the last. What were they thinking?? Good reviews wouldn't even get me to by this book. With that terrible image I end the torture.

After seeing all of these bad romance covers I searched and searched other genres to find bad covers. Sadly none of them could compare. Also while searching for bad covers I found a great sight for romance cover lovers, Cover Cafe.

What do you think of the bad covers on Romances? Have you found some outside of the Romance genre that are worst then these?


Anonymous said...

Some of these covers are down right scary!! They're all WTF moments, who ever designed these covers need to be given a good talking to.

Though, I kind of like the cover for Celtic Fire. Save a horse, ride a Celt!! Anytime I see a book like that it's going to put a smile on my face.

Shera (Book Whispers) said...

That's the fun with Romance covers, there's lots of Save a Horse covers. ^_-