August 12, 2010

When I'm Not Reading (5) A Little True Blood

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When True Blood season 1 first came out, I was so excited. We don't have cable, but I pre-ordered the boxset. Honestly I thought it was pretty cool, even if it really killed the books. My only main complaint was too much Jason screwing everyone. In short too much sex.

So I decided to be safe when the True Blood craze hit, Netflix would be my source.

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After basically spending all of my time in front of the TV watching Season 2, and frantically pulling my hair out waiting for the next disc.

I think it's really ambitious that the series takes the basic plots and ideas from The Southern Vampire series and then they explore different points. Jason shows us the inner working of The Fellowship of the Sun Church, which really had me laughing at times. Lafayette doesn't die, I loved his character in the books and hated that he died in book 2, so it's fantastic that Lafayette gets to continue in the series. 

Another awesome storyline is that Bill has to create a Vampire as punishment for killing a vampire in defense of a human life. Jessica has been such a fun vampire, and her romance with Hoyt just rocked my world! In the books Hoyt is really just a sad dateless gentleman, I love that in True Blood Hoyt gets some much needed time in the spotlight.

So all in all I am now a True Blood fan. I really love both The Southern Vampire books and the True Blood series! So now I have to wait for the release of Season 3 boxset!

What do you thing about the series?


Missie said...


*pulls out hair* I have a love/HATE relationship with TB. I hate the way they are butchering some of my favorite book characters from SVM. I try really hard to understand that they are trying incorporate unexpected twists in the show, but with S3 they have just taken it to extremes. Gah!!!

Although it has been nice to see ASkars nekkey! LOL

Shera (Book Whispers) said...

Ha-ha. To really appreciate the TV series I have to have the frame of mind that it's not going to be like the books at all. It's just borrowing names and ideas.

That's the only way I ever made it through Blood and Chocolate movie, and enjoyed it.

Now I'm really worried about S3.