February 21, 2011

Author Gossip

As a reader I always want the download on what's going on with authors. Do they have new books coming out, how the latest tour going, any thing juicy! So, I decided to bring the news to my readers. I'm lurking around all of those author blogs anyway, might as well do something productive.

The New Covers portion of Author Gossip is going LIVE!! Which means I’ll be posting the hot new covers as I get them!!

General Gossip:

Dreams of a Dark WarriorAfter reading Dreams of a Dark Warrior fans of Cole’s Immortals After Dark series are eager for more on the crazy (crazy-sexy) Lothaire. Well I am at least.  The ladies in IMA are always gossiping whether Lothaire will “kiss you or bite you,” well I’m ready to take a bite out of him!!  So luckily the next book in the series is going to be all about him. Unfortunately the book isn’t due out until early 2012—yeah that’s just cruel.

To ease the pain I have some great news!!  There’s more IAD books signed on along with a new IAD spin-off series and a YA series, all with Pocket Books!  That’s right everyone more joy to go around.  No news on what the YA series is about, but hopefully Cole will release the news soon. (Source, Kresely Cole’s Newsletter.)

Kimberly Derting’s debut The Body Finder was one of the The Body Finderhottest YA releases of 2010.  So it’s with great pleasure that the author releases news that she’s coming out with more not only in The Body Finder series, but a completely new project.  Derting says it better then I could.

I have a new book called THE PLEDGE releasing November 15th, 2011 from McElderry (Simon & Schuster)! I can't express how excited I am about this project! Oh, and the cover is so unbelievably beautiful! I can't wait to share it with you soon!

Here's just a little teaser about THE PLEDGE:

A romantic fantasy set in a dystopic, war-torn world, in which a teenage girl realizes that she may be the key to saving her country.

(Really, there's so much more to it, but that's all you get for now!)

I'm also thrilled to be working with the fabulously-talented Gretchen Hirsch once more (she was one of my original editors for The Body Finder…YAY!!!).

Speaking of The Body Finder, there will also be at least TWO MORE BOOKS IN THE SERIES AFTER DESIRES OF THE DEAD…*happy dance*!!! I'm beyond excited to spend more time with Violet & Jay…and Farrin (my equally awesome editor at HarperCollins)! I can't wait to see what the covers will look like for books 3 and 4! But before I get ahead of myself, I should probably get back to finishing book 3. And, well, naming it. :)


The Iron Thorn (The Iron Codex) Tomorrow is the debut of Caitlin Kittredge's first YA series.  So you all have to know what's coming!  That's right a teaser, I just love them.

"THERE ARE SEVENTEEN madhouses in the city of Lovecraft. I've visited all of them.

My mother likes to tell me about her dreams when I visit. She sits in the window of the Cristobel Charitable Asylum and strokes the iron bars covering the glass like they are the strings of a harp. "I went to the lily field last night," she murmurs.
Her dreams are never dreams. They are always journeys, explorations, excavations of her mad mind, or, if her mood is bleak, ominous portents for me to heed.

The smooth brass gears of my chronometer churned past four- thirty and I put it back in my skirt pocket. Soon the asylum would close to visitors and I could go home. The dark came early in October. It's not safe for a girl to be out walking on her own, in Hallows' Eve weather."

-from Chapter 1, The Ashes of the World

City of Ghosts (Downside Ghosts, Book 3) I've been wondering if Stacia Kanes series would continue or not well the news is finally in!  The title will be SACRIFICIAL MAGIC.  It works for me! Now I’ll let the author tell you about her “secret project.”

I’m also working on a new project, which a few people have asked me about. I’m not saying anything about it, really, because I don’t want to jinx it. It’s something I’ve actually been sort of fiddling with for a while, but have had a bunch of false starts on, so I’m hoping this is the one that will stick. Keeping my fingers crossed, anyway. It’s called DREADFUL THINGS. Only about 7k words so far, but words I’m really pleased with. Lots of worldbuilding, which is tons of fun, and hints of Dark Doings in my heroine’s past, and murders and magic and rooftops and sewers and all those things that make books worth writing. So we’ll see where it goes, anyway.


New Covers:

Bloodlines by Richelle Mead

Shera Thoughts: Love this cover.  It fits with Vampire Academy but it is clearly its own series.  Much the same way that Cassandra Clares new series matches the old and new.


Author Says:  That's right! The Bloodlines cover and a video about the series is LIVE, right here at Entertainment Weekly!

Previous Covers:  N/A

Aftermath by Ann Aguirre

Shera’s thoughts: These covers are so awesome, and the latest cover in Aguirre’s series is no exception.   It’s as action packed as a comic, but slicker!


Author says: N/A

Previous Covers: 

Grimspace (Sirantha Jax, Book 1)Wanderlust (Sirantha Jax, Book 2)Doubleblind (Sirantha Jax, Book 3)Killbox (Jax, Book 4)

Riven by Kait Nolan

Shera’s Thoughts:  It’s striking, but something is missing, maybe character.  I’ve just seen to many covers with a hinted nudity of the female and strong male looking out.  Then of course the read roses in the background.  At least this cover looks better then the over two. 


Author says: 

As if I hadn't had enough squeeable excitement this week, the fabulous Robin of Robin Ludwig Designs has already created my delectable new cover for the third novella in the Mirus series, Riven. Go ahead, drool.  You know you wanna.  Aren't Orrin and Dahlia pretty?  Yep, Orrin.  Remember Mr. Sparky from Forsaken By Shadow?  He's the hero of this little tale.  Look for Riven sometime this summer (it's the project I'm tackling after I finish Red).

Previous Covers:

Devil's Eye (Mirus)Forsaken By Shadow (Mirus)

Ectasy/Agony by Bettie Sharpe's blog

Shera’s Thoughts: Meh.  It doesn’t stand out.  Pink/white/black scheme comes off as a chic’flic thing.  Then legs and a man’s good looking chest, please we’ve seen it before.


Author Says:

Here's the cover for the Agony/Ecstasy Anthology due out from Berkley Heat in Fall 2011. I love the color scheme, and was, in fact, contemplating redoing my website in hot pink, white and black when Jane sent the cover image.

Previous Covers: N/A This is an anthology.

Dragon’s Oath by P.C. and Kristen Cast

Shera’s Thoughts:  If this was the next book in the series, I wouldn’t like it. Since this is a Novella it’s all good!!  It looks a little cheap, but I like reflections in swords, it’s just cool.


Auhtor Says:

Ooooh! Check out the cover of DRAGON'S OATH! Its release date is July 12th of this year. It's the first of the House of Night back story novellas. Here's the back copy:
Before Zoey is Marked and arrives at the House of Night… before she rises in power to confront utter darkness, and the House of Night is divided… there's Dragon's Oath, the thrilling story behind the House of Night's formidable fencing instructor and warrior – the love that will transform him, and the mercy that will come back to haunt him…
I'm writing it right now, and NO I won't answer any questions about it (mostly because the plot unfolds as I'm writing, so I don't know the answers yet!).

Previous Covers: N/A

Green-eyed Evny by Kasey Mackenzie

Shera’s Thoughts: It’s not as stunning as the first cover of the series.  I like how it’s the same top but a different color, but her eyes are wiggy.  They just don’t look right with their glow effect.  The Medusa hair is awesome though.


Author says: N/A

Previous Covers:

Red Hot Fury (A Shades of Fury Novel)

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