February 24, 2011

Cover Coveting: Vanished by Sophie Jordan

Just couldn't wait to get more covers to share, this is one of those covers you check on peroicically in goodreads to see when it gets updated!

Vanished (Firelight, Book 2) by Sophie Jordan

Source: goodreads

Shera's Thoughts:  It really is eye catching, it fits the series.  Yet it feels like a rip off from the first cover.  Same pose, scales by the eye, and slitted pupils.  The only thing missing is that eyecatching red hair.  I get theres a piont to keep the "feel" of the series in the cover.  However a little outside the box thinking would have really added to this cover.

Don't get me wrong, I'm still swooning over this cover!!  After all it is pretty.

Author's Thoughts: N/A

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