March 4, 2011

Book Blogger Hop and Weekly Overview

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"Who's your all-time favorite

book villain?"

Ooo.  This is a toughy! Evil villains in the cinema are an obsession of mine and I love picking favorites. (Ursula cough, cough.)  So picking a favorite villain from my reading list is like asking me to pick between coffee or dark chocolate—painful and quite unwilling to do so.

The one villain that has haunted me after turning the last page—thankfully I’ve never had nightmares about—is Rob Thurman’s mirror lurking body thief from Nightlife.  This creature is the male version of a Banshee.  That doesn’t sound scary, right?  Well get this, he can travel through mirrors and reflections with no problem with nothing to stop him.  He’s built like a scary ass monster; you can see his veins through nearly translucent skin, nasty claws and teeth and he can pretty much dice up anything.  On top of that, he can take control of anyone's  body. 

This isn’t normal body take over, where the person who was originally there gets pushed back into the background in a little mind box.  Instead he merges with the person he’s jumped into.  He knows everything you’ve ever thought or experienced, and you get to know everything he’s thinking.  You have know will to feel that you’re being controlled or to fight back, you no longer exist. He is you and you are him.

Just gives me shivers thinking about it. If you haven’t checked out Thurman’s books you really should.  Here’s my review for Nightlife, which is still one of my favorite reads.  The mirror lurker isn’t the only evil villain and the other ones are almost just as creepy.

Weekly Overview:

  • Posted my first, and only, In My Mailbox Vlog for Febuary!  Got tons of goods and you can watch me embarrass myself talking over naughty covers.
  • Author Gossip was really great featuring news about some hot author—as usual. Including Cassandra Clare’s first chapter of City of Fallen Angels!  Plus I had some yummy covers to share too, with one of the most stunning Epic Fantasy covers I have seen in a long time.
  • Found some awesome books to wish and hope for on Wednesday Wishes!
  • Another Cover Coveting and this time I’ve got the download on Jenifer Estep’s new YA series and the hot cover that goes with it!
  • This is the week of yummy covers!  9 new covers that are all stunning and it includes the much anticipated reveal of the next book in the Beautiful Creatures series.

As you can see I’ve got the hang of doing the Cover Coveting live, and I will be keeping it that way.  Though I thick I’ll make the images slightly smaller so the download time will be faster for viewers with a slower internet.  Plus, expect my reviews to come back now that I’ve got a hold of the new feature.


AngelicNytmare said...

He sounds kinda creepy.

Have a great weekend!

Tyraa said...

Just stopping by to say Hi :)) I don't have a fav villian I dont think.
Have a great weekend.

Sakura Sandra said...

Hiya! I just started following your blog and I hope you'll take the time to stop by mine and do the same!

Thanks! I look forward to reading your future reviews. (^_^)

Alison said...

Hopping through. I haven't read Rob Thurman, but a male banshee sounds very creepy.
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Shera (Book Whispers) said...

AngelicNytmare: He really is creepy.

Tyarra: Oh, no fun debating about evil villians is so fun!

Sakura Sandra: Thanks for the follow! I'll definitely swing by.

Alison: You have to read it to get the full effect.

Cait said...

Woah he sounds so creepy 0_0
Just hopping by, have a great weekend!