May 25, 2016

Review: Struck

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Struck (Phoebe Meadows, book 1) by Amanda Carlson

Struck  (Phoebe Meadows #1)

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Edition Reviewed: Ebook
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When Phoebe Meadows gets struck by a strange light in the stockroom of Macy’s, life as she knows it flies out the window. As if being hit by lightning isn’t bad enough, she’s accosted in the subway by a man with a missing hand, arrives home to find a raven on her kitchen counter, and her neighbor, Ingrid, shows up dressed like a gladiator hell-bent on protecting her.

Before Ingrid can shuttle her to safety, Phoebe is kidnapped and tossed into one of the Nine Worlds where she’s quickly forced to come to terms with what she is: A valkyrie. The only problem is, she has no idea what that means.

After a narrow escape, she finds an unlikely ally in Loki’s son, Fenrir. Together the valkyrie and the wolf must battle their way back to New York City and reach the valkyrie stronghold where Ingrid is waiting for her. But with danger and obstacles at every turn, she might not live long enough to learn the full truth about who and what she really is…


There is something undeniably addicting about Amanda Carlson's writing. Combine that with her new peppy lead, Phoebe Meadows, who is a new born Valkyrie and you've got a hit. Phoebe kind of reminds me of the FRIENDS Phoebe, not just because of the name but they both are quirky gals. Ones that I like. Though admittedly no one can be as quirky as the FRIENDS Phoebe and Phoebe Meadows is brighter.

I will say upfront that Struck reminds me a lot of Full Blooded. The plot, feel, and pacing is the same. Plot wise it's just shadowing, not copy and pasting. The feel is more like the flavor of an author's writing style, because Struck is admittedly more funny and lighthearted. Though there are plenty of dark elements and themes. Pacing is fast and a wild ride that Carlson is well known for.

Phoebe annoyed me at first, but she quickly grew on me. She's a book bestie now. As she ventures through the realms and comes into her powers I couldn't not like her! Phoebe is hilarious, fun, sweet, and genuine. She's not magically a bad ass. She fumbles, learns, and grows. Which, with the books I've been reading lately, is something I greatly appreciate.

The male love interest was pretty awesome. He's alpha and polite. Well most of the time. I had a few issues with some of his ideas about Phoebe and her blade. (Not some kind of pun.) I feel like Carlson didn't over do it. Fen is relatable and you understand what motivates his actions.

Struck, to me, has enough Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance elements to please fans of both. I love the quirkiness of the story and humor. Not to mention the mythology of the world is steeped in Norse lore, but has Carlson's own magic touches. Oh, my gosh! The characters. I won't spoil anything but I can't wait to meet other mythological creatures/beings of Norse lore. Finally I have a Valkyrie story to look forward to. For years I've been waiting for someone to write a book/series that I would like with Valkyries as leads. (I was starting to think that Valkyries were cursed/jinxed for me.) I look forward to the rest of the books in the Phoebe Meadows series. Not to mention the twists and turns of the plot! Yeah!

Sexual Content: Yeah, I'd say so. Sexual humor, talk about torture and rape. Nothing too scary.

4/5- Great! Really enjoyed it.

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