May 16, 2016

Urban Fantasy, Gone Self-Pub Part 1



Well at least there's a lot of Urban Fantasy authors going self pub and indie pub. Some to small pub/press.

Since the list has really grown I decided to compile a list here. It's been an exciting ride as authors have gotten the rights to their series, sometimes many-many years, and are actually continuing series!

First what is self pub or indie pub? Well that means self published and independent publishing. Sometimes indie can be confused with small press pub.

Self/indie pub means the author has full control over every aspect. Small pub/press just means that the publishing house is not one of the big ones. We'll keep it simple.


Rachel CaineRed Hot Rain  (Weather Warden #10)

Red Hot Rain (Weather Warden, book 10)

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Is this author going Self pub/indie or small?

It's been six years since the last book! Caine is now self-publishing with fan backing.

Important information or news?

There is a Kickstarter for the rebirth of the series! As of now the total is $18,291, and you can still back it I believe.

The expected publication date is July 1st 2016 . So far I'm not sure if it will be epub only or paper copies as well.

What do we think of the cover(s)?

Personally I think Caine has done a fantastic job finding someone to imatitate the style and feel of the previuos cover. It's just enough "different" to signal the change, but keep it tied in.

Either way it's all good to me. It's like a sexy/bad ass tango.

01 Ill wind02 heat stroke03 chill factor04 chill factor05 firestorm06 thin air07 Gale Force08 cape storm09 total eclipse

Amanda BonillaAgainst the Dawn (Shaede Assassin, #4)

Against the Dawn (Shaede Assassin #4)
Shadows at Midnight (Shaede Assassin #5)

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Is this author going Self pub/indie or small?

Well I honestly thought she had gone self pub for this. Shadows at Midnight (Shaede Assassin, #5)BUT, I have seen in the publisher area on Goodreads and Amazon that NYLA is listed as the publisher.

Well I'm confused the link is about all I could find and if I google search it really brings up nothing but that link and that NYLA stands for New York Library Association.

Well either way I remember this article from Publishers Weekly about her making the decision to self pub after her contract ended. Not to mention her posts pretty much confirm that the series is self pub.

Long story short, she's gone self-published!!

Important information or news?

Since the last traditionally published books came out in 2013 Amanda has released one a year. The last update was about Shadows at Midnight from 2015. So while she's released one a year, it's up in the air from what I can see.

My Goodreads friend that got me to finally start the series assures me that book number 5 is most definitely not a series ender. So we'll see what happens. 

What do we think of the cover(s)?

To my eyes you can tell that the artist has changed. However, the new artist is good! The series stills looks professional and I love the consistency of the typography. A-mazing.

9780451235299_ShaedesofGra_CV.inddBlood Before Sunrise (Shaede Assassin, #2)Crave the Darkness (Shaede Assassin, #3)

Veronica WolfReckoning  (The Watchers #5)f

Reckoning (The Watchers, book 5)

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Is this author going Self pub/indie or small?


Important information or news?

Reckoning just came out in April of this year! (No I haven't bought my copy yet! The shame.)

No word yet on future books. But I have hope. It was a 3 year wait for book 5.

What do we think of the cover(s)?

Fits perfectly with the series. I have to be honest for such a great series I always found the covers tacky. But I feel like the idea was that the Vampire Academy's original floating head covers were the inspiration. After all the sold.

Though I did notice that they have a different cover for the kindle edition. Will the rest of the books get new covers? The thing is it looks so much like the original cover that I have to wonder if the change was simply made because the rights have gone back to the author and she can't use the old artwork?

Food for thought.

The Watchers #1)Vampire's Kiss  (The Watchers #2)Blood Fever  (The Watchers #3)The Keep  (The Watchers #4)

Kelly GayThe Cold Light of Day  (Charlie Madigan #5)

The Cold Light of Day (Charlie Madigon, book 5)

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Is this author going Self pub/indie or small?


Important information or news?

Well it's been since 2012 that the last book came out, Shadows Before the Sun.

It's been a crazy ride. It took forever for news that Gay was fighting for this series. But since she confirmed that she would be taking it self pub and had the rights I've kept the faith.

Latest news from April 2016:

Wrapping up some contracted work this month and next. Then I can turn my attention to the website and, of course, to Charlie.

Well Goodreads still states the release is 2016. (And I'm curious as to what her new contracted work is? As long as I get my Charlie Madigan books dang it!)

What do we think of the cover(s)?


The Better Part of Darkness  (Charlie Madigan #1)The Darkest Edge of Dawn  (Charlie Madigan #2)The Hour of Dust and Ashes  (Charlie Madigan #3)Shadows Before the Sun  (Charlie Madigan #4)

Kelly Keaton (AKA Kelly Gay)Heart of Stone  (Gods & Monsters #4)

Heart of Stone (Gods & Monsters, book 4)

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Is this author going Self pub/indie or small?


Important information or news?

Heart of Stone was published in 2015 on Smashwords and Barnes & Noble. It's now available on Amazon.

The last traditional book was published 2013, so not too big of a gab there. (And the reason as to why I'll get another Charlie Madigan book!)

No news on more books in the series, but I do see from reviews that fans say there should definitely be more. That it was not an end book. (If it is it leaves a lot of things up in the air. 

What do we think of the cover(s)?

The cover for Heart of Stone fits perfectly. Especially the first book. Honestly if I was a stalker super fan I would never have noticed the change until trying to buy the book when it first released.

Darkness Becomes Her (Gods & Monsters, #1)A Beautiful Evil  (Gods & Monsters #2)The Wicked Within  (Gods & Monsters #3)

T.A. PrattQueen of Nothing  (Marla Mason #9)

Queen of Nothing (Marla Mason, book 9)

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Is this author going Self pub/indie or small?

One of the original Urban Fantasy authors to go to self-publishing after the series was not renewed. (Which is why when a series doesn't get picked up I pray they author will self-pub.)

Important information or news?

Apparently there are kickstarters for this series! Considering I knew when it switched to self-published I had no idea about the Kickstarters.

Book 5 and on have been self-published.

What do we think of the cover(s)?

At first I wasn't too thrilled with the covers, just happy that the series would continue. Below you can see Broken Mirrors. However, the self-pub books have been getting some great makeovers. The aforementioned Broken Mirrors has a great cover for the audio and Kindle. (Though I couldn't find a decent one to post.

However, the cover for the Queen of Nothing is disappointing. I wonder if it will be eventually given a better cover to match the rest of the books?

Blood Engines  (Marla Mason #1)Poison Sleep  (Marla Mason #2)Dead Reign  (Marla Mason #3)Spell Games  (Marla Mason #4)
Broken Mirrors  (Marla Mason #5)Grim Tides  (Marla Mason #6)Bride of Death  (Marla Mason #7)Lady of Misrule  (Marla Mason #8)


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