May 18, 2016

Wednesday Wishes

Well I'm watching Regression, a movie about the satanic cases in the 80s/90s, while working on my posts. It's so creepy about the idea of how people can transplant ideas and you can give them  a life and power over you. Events can become real.

So creepy.

Shadowbound by Bec McMaster

Shadowbound  (Dark Arts #1)Get it: Amazon | Goodreads
Genre: Steampunk 
Series: The Dark Arts, book 1

When a powerful relic goes missing from a secret society that dabbles in the occult, Miss Ianthe Martin is charged with finding it at all costs. She needs help, but all clues point to someone on the inside being the thief. The only sorcerer she knows that can't possibly be involved, is the very man she saw locked in Bedlam a year ago...

The mad, bad, dangerous Earl of Rathbourne.

When the seductive Miss Martin appears in his Bedlam cell, Rathbourne fears he's finally lost his mind. The devilish sorceress played a hand in his incarceration, and now she comes asking for help? Perhaps she should begin by begging for mercy...

But Ianthe's offer of freedom is one he can't refuse, although he has a clause of his own to add. She may bind him with her power–the only way to still the demons haunting him–but for every day spent under her command, the nights will be his... to wreak delicious revenge on her willing flesh.

I'm confused if this self pub? I don't think so, but when I google the publisher I can't find anything. Though some of the later steampunk books also have the same publisher posted. *shrugs* If you caught my Monday post you'll understand why I was so curious about it.

Off topic babble ending.

I really love the idea of this book. Not to mention that I finally got around to reading the first book of McMaster's London Steampunk series. So I'm curious what a second steampunk series will be like from her.

This book just released in May. It's crazy I didn't see any other sites catch the cover release or news about this book coming out. Though I do see that McMaster has been talking about it. Bad PR.

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