September 19, 2010

Movies With Fang and Magical Men

Books and Babbles is a fun post where I can share anything about books, and just babble on. Or, even babble about movies, hot topics, whatever strikes my fancy.
Daybreakers has enough fang for any vampire lover.  It just depends on what type of vampire lover you are.  If your a horror fan this is totally up your ally.  If you prefer vampires that sparkle this movie is not for you.  However, if you’re a vampire fan that doesn’t mind to walk the line for your beloved genre this is good.  It has original plot where the world gets a vampiric disease and everyone is turning vampire.  Humans are scarce and that’s what the Vampires feed on.  If they don’t get enough blood they turn into brainless monsters.  For the humans that have still some how managed to stay that way, life is terrible.  Constantly on the run until your caught, then nothing else matters.  Your put under and harvested for blood until you die.  
This was an edgy movie with a fantastic ending and a very unique cure for vampire disease.  If you like vampire horror, or don’t mind walking the line for your love of vampires really check it out!  Give it: 5/5
This next vampire movie, The Vampires Apprentice is glitter fan approve.  It’s a nice little jaunt into humorous vampirism.  This movie is based on the Series Cirque de Freaks, while I’ve never read it other fans say the movie stay pretty true to the book.  Just not as well paced.  Personally I think this movie did the best it could with what it had.  The movie was advertised for theatres briefly then out the door and on the shelves before any potential viewers even new it was there.  This movie was pushed out there as a dud. 
Vampire fans will find it amusing, even if the pacing is off with all the info that is crammed in.  The cast are all fine actors, and boy are they big names!  Two vampire factions duking it out, breaking up a friendship as prophetic events start to ruin a 100 years of peace.  Everything is wrapped up nicely in this movie, but they’re still ambiguous enough to say “We’ve got more where this comes from.”  This is after all based on a series of books.  Give it: 4/5
Now for magical men.
First up is Percy from Percy Jackson and the Olympians.  I was never interested in the books, and I’m still not.  The movie was a nice splice of Greek mythology and modern myths.  I felt the movie was really good and you don’t need to read the book to get it.  After all who doesn’t want to watch the children of gods battle it out in modern life? Give it: 5/5
The Prince of Persia features our second magical man, Prince Dustan.  Of course he only has magic powers when he has a blade that can turn back time. (Unless you call one heck of a nice bod to render females into drooling pools a power. Ah-hem.)  Personally I felt this movie was a bit of a let down.  It was like the director was riding on his former glory from Pirates of the Caribbean. Relaying on action, here’s a little plot, and lot’s of different ways to have the leading lady in very sexy clothes.
That’s not to say this movie isn’t fun.  There are moments when pieces of awesome humor come up, and the action is so over the top it’s awesome. So feel free to enjoy. Give it: 3/5
On another note if you haven’t watched Letters from Juliet. Really you need to.  Sure it’s predictable, but it’s one of those classic chick films.  You know the ones you secretly love.  Give it: 4/5
Have you seen any of these movies?  What did you think?


Christine said...

I have to agree on Sands of Time. It was sometime a bit over the top if you know what I mean. It was a fun movie to get my mind off the daily routine, but nothing more for me.

Shera (Book Whispers) said...

It was a bitter dissapiontment.