February 13, 2010

Books and Babbles

Wandering around the blogsphere I stumbled upon YA Librarian Tales. There was a great post about the Baby-Sitters Club covers being revamped. Check them out here. I was shocked by how horrible they are, they look like those cheap little graphics from word or something. After I saw that I wondered if any of my older favorites from my youth were getting makeovers. So with a courious mind and trepidition in my heart I went out to see what I could see.

The Boxcar Children was my first stop. The covers are just how I had left them, and they are good covers. All the kids posing in their latest mysteries. I then checked out Castle in the Attic, still has it's classic cover.

Perppermints in the Parlor has recieved a makeover.

Peppermints in the Parlor Peppermints in the Parlor

I have to say on this one I like the new cover more, the one on the right.

Then I thought, "What about RL Stine." I had been obsessed with the Thriller and Fearstreet series. I had every one of the books, until I donated them to the local library last year. Most of them still have their early 90s covers, which I still love. A couple however do have new covers, for the most part it's only the really popular titles.

The Girlfriend (Point Horror Series) The Girlfriend

The Boyfriend (Point Horror Series) The Boyfriend (Point)

Goodnight Kiss (Fear Street - Super Chillers, #3) Collector's Edition: Goodnight Kiss (Fear Street - Super Chillers, #3, #10)

The old covers are on the right and the new on the left. Personally I'm glad to see that for the majority the series has kept its old covers. The Boyfriend and Girlfriend really didn't need a make over. The Goodnight Kiss though should have been left a lone.

I'm sure that there are plenty of other YA series I'm forgetting, but these are the favs from my youth.

So this is kind of what you can expect from Books and Babbles. Hope you enjoyed it!

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