February 20, 2010

A Little Hi, Little Change!

As I continue to blog and learn what I’m doing, I’ve decided to yet again make some changes. Blogging can easily become an addiction for me, probably already has. All of the main features on my blog will stay the same, but I am changing my weekly posts. If only to save myself.

I’m cutting out Who’s the Fairest, Beauty in the Break Down, and Saturday Night Love. I’ll continue to do Quoting on Monday, Wednesday Wishes, and Sunday Sweets. Changes will be made to Books and Babbles and Clash of the Covers.

They will both be posts that are not assigned to a specific time period or date, so I’ll post them willy-nilly. Since I am such a cover lover, Books and Babbles will help to take the roll of my other dead posts. Though Books and Babbles will still contain some random babbles from yours truly. Not much is changing on Clash of the Covers except not only will it feature new covers for books, but international covers as well.

My features page will also be updated.

Here’s a big shout out to all of the people who have stopped by and to my wonderful followers, which I’m still surprised to have. Thank you for all of the comments, they are greatly appreciated. I always view them no matter how old they are and I do try to comment back.

Feel free to leave comments or opinions.

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