December 2, 2010

Weekly Overview

I didn’t post this last week because of the Holiday, so I’ll be making up for two weeks then.

  • Lips Don’t Lie: Author Gossip has hot new covers, updates on some blog tours, and news about a new concept idea.  Plus, Cassandra Claire’s newest book preview.
  • “Dirty Joke.” Are the first words of my review of Fantasy Lover, so check out the rest of it.
  • For Thanksgiving I decided to do a Wednesday Wishes, Thankful of Thursday post.  Found some awesome books that need to be checked out.
  • Check out my less then impressed review of one of the hottest books on the market, Hush, Hush.
  • The Iron King was another book in a see of Faye PNR YA.  Check out my impressed review. 
  • Lips Don’t Lie was a little so but these are some fun topics Buffy the Vampire Slayer is being rebooted. Plus, check out the process of great cover making. .
  • More awesome books found, Wednesday Wishes.

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